7 Ways to Solve the Problem of Food Waste to Help Reduce Global Warming

Published 4 October 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Food Waste, or food waste, refers to unconsumed food items discarded by both consumers and retailers, whether it’s leftovers, spoiled or expired food, and scraps of vegetables and fruits used for garnishing. It is a leading cause of global warming.
  • There are several ways to solve the problem of food waste, including matching market demand, regularly checking expiration dates, proper food storage, organizing refrigerators, cooking in manageable portions, using transparent containers for food storage, and composting food scraps.

Currently, countries around the world are collectively seeking solutions to the problem of food waste, as it is a significant issue caused by excessive buying and consumption of food without proper planning. Eventually, a considerable amount of food is left unused. Today, Thai Nippon Foods will share 7 ways to reduce food waste and address the issue of food waste directly.

What is Food Waste?

Food Waste

“ Another cause of global warming ”

Buying ready-made food and storing it in the refrigerator, only to realize later that it has already expired, forces me to discard all of that food, even though I haven’t consumed any of it. This is another form of food waste, which includes unconsumed food items discarded by both consumers and retailers. Whether it’s leftovers, spoiled or expired food, or scraps of vegetables and fruits used for garnishing, it mostly results from improper management and inadequate planning.

7 Ways to Solve the Problem of Food Waste to Help Reduce Global Warming

1. Match Market Demand

Matching Market Demand

“ Plan Ahead Before Matching Market Demand ”

When it’s time to go grocery shopping, many households tend to think that having surplus is better than running out. So, they often buy a lot to avoid making multiple trips to the store. However, this mindset often leads to food waste issues in these households because they can’t consume everything they bought in time. Therefore, every household should allocate food quantities that match the family’s needs before going shopping. This can be done by checking the items already in the refrigerator and making a list of the ingredients needed, to prevent food waste.

2. Check Expiration Dates

Check Expiration Dates

“ So you know what to consume first and last  ”

For households that tend to purchase ready-made food items, including various dairy desserts, it’s important to diligently check the expiration dates to know which items expire sooner and which expire later. This helps us prioritize what to consume first and last, preventing accidental consumption of items that expire later. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of having to discard expired food, which is another root cause of the food waste problem.

3. Properly Store Food

Food Storage

“ Helps Extend the Shelf Life of Food  ”

If everyone takes a look inside their own refrigerators, they will notice that each zone typically has images of food types suitable for proper storage in that specific area. This is because different types of food require varying temperatures and humidity levels to stay fresh. For example:

  • The freezer compartment is suitable for storing seafood or meat.
  • The top shelf, just below the freezer, is suitable for coconut milk and yogurt.
  • The middle section is suitable for storing water or soft drinks.
  • The bottom shelf is suitable for storing vegetables and fruits.
  • The door compartments are suitable for storing eggs and butter.

In addition, other ingredients such as grains, onions, garlic, rice, or dried food should also be stored in areas with appropriate temperature and environmental conditions to extend their shelf life

4. Organize the Refrigerator

Refrigerator Organization

“ Helps you remember what’s in the refrigerator  ”

Has anyone ever come across food that has expired for several years in their own refrigerator? This might be because we haven’t organized our fridge well enough, causing us to forget what’s inside and when it expires. Another way to address this form of food waste is by organizing the refrigerator, placing newer items towards the back and dividing the contents into organized sections, ensuring that we have a clear view of all the food.

5. Cook in Manageable Portions


“ Reduce the Risk of Food Spoilage  ”

For households with a large number of members, it’s not uncommon to prepare a substantial amount of food in one go, as there are people available to consume it throughout the day. However, for small families or individuals living alone, cooking large quantities at once can increase the risk of food waste. Therefore, it’s advisable to cook in manageable portions to avoid leftovers. If cooking frequently isn’t convenient for someone, they should find ways to store already prepared food appropriately to extend its shelf life.

6. Store Food in Transparent Containers

Transparent Food Containers

“ Helps you see what’s inside the refrigerator more easily  ”

หลายบ้านที่ชอบเก็บอาหารหรือข้าวที่ทานเหลือจากมื้อก่อน ๆ ไว้ในกล่องใส่อาหารก่อนเก็บเข้าตู้เย็น ก็มักจะลืมเพราะมองไม่เห็นว่าอาหารด้านในเป็นอะไร พอเปิดมาดูอีกทีอาMany households tend to store leftover food or rice from previous meals in containers before placing them in the refrigerator. However, they often forget what’s inside because they can’t see the contents. When they open it again, they find that the food is no longer edible. This is another reason contributing to the problem of food waste. Therefore, for households that enjoy saving and consuming leftovers, it’s advisable to use transparent food containers, making it easy to see the contents without having to open the lid.

7. Compost Food Scraps


“ Satisfies the Needs of Plant Enthusiasts  ”

Plant enthusiasts know well how crucial fertilizer is for plant growth because the more fertilizer a plant receives, the better it thrives. In this day and age, making fertilizer isn’t as complicated or space-consuming as it used to be, thanks to the availability of small-scale organic compost bins or food scrap bins that only take up a small area in the home. This is another real solution to the problem of food waste.

The Sustainable Product Development Philosophy of Thai Nippon Foods

Sustainable Goals

In addition to adhering to Thai Nippon Foods’ core philosophy of providing customers with enjoyable food experiences, we also have a sustainable product development approach to meet the diverse needs of today’s consumers. Furthermore, we focus on developing and sourcing stable and environmentally-friendly protein sources while upholding human rights.

Vision of NH Foods Group 2030

With the changing lifestyles of people in this era who seek diverse food options, Thai Nippon Foods has devised and developed a comprehensive system for quality control and product assessment that is dispersed globally. This is to cater to the needs of today’s consumers. Furthermore, we manufacture and source products that are not only clean, safe, and of high quality but also continuously improve our organizational strengths to meet international standards. This is to instill confidence in our customers and deliver ‘limitless protein value’.

All of these are the 7 ways to solve the problem of food waste and help reduce global warming. These methods aim to increase awareness and understanding of the food waste issue, while also providing practical solutions that every household can adopt to make a positive impact on our world. If anyone is interested in high-quality and nutritious food products, they can explore NH Foods’ range, which includes various options such as seasoned chicken and different types of sausages. NH Foods products are known for their quality and safety, backed by rigorous production and packaging processes.

NH Foods food products can be found at leading retail stores nationwide, including Big C, The Mall, Tops Market, and Don Don Donki. However, for those who prefer the convenience of shopping from home, you can also order NH Foods products on SHOPEE available for online shopping anytime, anywhere. NH Foods offers food products suitable for health-conscious individuals, helping you achieve the level of health and wellness you desire.

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