Arabiki Sausage with different savor, smoked savor and textures in Japanese style

Published 29 August 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • Arabiki Sausages are coarse sausages with a small, juicy inside. It is different from normal sausages which have a silky and smooth texture. Comes with a special casing to add the taste of eating and better smell with a smoked.
  • Sausage made from minced meat mixed with salt and various spices then filled into the casing to a desired size stick. Now, there are many different types of sausages from many recipes according to the shape and taste.

 ‘Arabiki sausage’ may be heard but never tried, or some people may never have heard of it before. The Arabiki sausage is a Japanese sausage that is unique. With a coarse texture that can’t be found in other sausages. Including the smell of smoke that spreads when eating. So today, we will talk about the highlights of Arabiki sausages and the difference between Arabiki sausages and other sausages on the market.

What are sausages made of ?


The sausages at convenience stores or supermarkets are made from minced meat such as pork and chicken mixed with salt and different spices to create a rich flavor. which we can notice from the label on the package such as pepper flavor, cheese flavor.

The sausage making process starts with bringing the meat to grind it. Season with salt and spices according to the recipe provided. Then bring the seasoned minced meat added to the casing with the right amount. The casings are both natural and artificial. Artificial casing is both edible and inedible.

What is Arabiki sausages ?

Arabiki Sausage

Arabiki sausages are coarse sausages. which comes from the Japanese word “ 粗挽き” or Arabiki, which means coarsely ground, so the inside texture of this Japanese sausage  will be full of words and you can feel a piece of meat. The outer is especially crispy. It smells like smoked Japanese sausage style. It comes in a good size with a unique finger length.

Highlights of Arabiki Sausages

  • The texture is coarse like no other
  • Juicy pieces of meat inside
  • Special crispy casing
  • Smoked savor
  • Good size

After knowing “What is Arabiki Sausage” and” How is it different from other sausages?” This time let’s look at what other types of sausages are different from Arabiki.

Highlights of other types sausages in the market

1. Vienna Sausage

Vienna Sausage

Vienna Sausage is classified as cooked sausages. It is a sausage made from minced meat mixed with various spices, resulting in a smooth texture, different from Arabiki sausage.  often smoked for good flavor. The size of a Viennese sausage is longer than Arabiki. Easy to find at convenience stores.

2. Cocktail Sausage

Cocktail Sausage

Cocktail sausage, there is a production process like normal sausages. which are currently available in a variety of flavors. But the highlight of the cocktail sausage is the size, which is compressed into a small bar, which is shorter than Arabiki sausage for easy eating and fits in your mouth. So, it is suitable for serving as a snack.

3. Smoked Sausage


Smoked sausage, the production process is similar to normal sausages. But there will be a process to create a unique  savor by being ‘smoked’ in the same way as Arabiki sausages. There are both cold, hot and water smoked types. Besides smelling good It also helps to extend the life of sausages to stay longer as well.

4. Plant Protein Sausage

Plant Based Sausage

Plant Protein Sausage, it’s a sausage made from peanut protein and whole grains instead of meat. The plant protein is highly nutritious. full of good fats and has low power. At present, it has been developed until the taste is like ordinary sausages. Thai Nippon Foods plant-based sausages are 0 mg cholesterol or cholesterol-free. which has a positive effect on health. It meets the needs of health lovers and clean consumers who do not eat meat very well.

5. Bologna sausage


Bologna or Bologna Sausage originated from Bologna, Italy. It was converted from ‘Morta della’ , a large sausage made from big minced pork. Besides pork Bologna, it is also made from chicken and other meats. It is served in thin, round slices, different from Arabiki sausages and other sausages.

6. Dry Sausage

Dry Sausage

Dry sausage is one of Chinese sausages, classified as dry sausages. It is made from lean pork that has been coarsely ground. like Arabiki sausage. But the seasoning is sweet, salty and adds a unique flavor with Chinese spices. Then it will be filled into the casing and baked or dried in the sun until dry to preserve and extend the life of food for a longer time.

This is all about a sausage story which can relieve many people’s doubts about “ What is Japanese Sausage or Arabiki Sausage?” “What are the highlights and the different point from other sausages?” For anyone who has never tried Japanese-style Arabiki sausages can order from Thai Nippon Foods as a snack. Besides the deliciousness,  Arabiki sausage products from Thai Nippon Foods are full of care in every step  through a hygienic production process that meets international standards, strong packaging, ready to be sold in leading department stores such as  Big C, The Mall, Tops Market and Don Don Donki. Anyone who is inconvenienced going out can also order at Thai Nippon Foods. We have a wide selection of Arabiki sausages. Both original recipes, smoked recipes, chili recipes, fresh garlic and pepper recipes. For those who want to try other types of sausages, also available to order as well.

We, Thai Nippon Foods, are aware of our social responsibility. To select sausage products which are safe for consumers. with product quality inspection and assessment systems covering almost all continents around the world to build confidence with international assessment standards by allowing consumers to eat delicious and safe food products, and the last is cleaning and safety delivery with standard products serving you.

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