Cold Storage Service

About Thai Nippon Cold Storage Co., Ltd.

Thai Nippon Cold Storage Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 in cold storage business by providing deposit service frozen ready meals and frozen fruits and vegetables which located in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province with part address middle of the country that makes it possible to receive and distribute products to different regions quickly and conveniently by always take into account Frozen food management that must be clean, safe and provide excellent service to consumers in accordance with the company’s vision policy.

Cold Storage Warehouse

Thai Nippon Cold Storage Co., Ltd. warehouse is temperature controlled to suit the storage of products that require special care and a lower temperature environment than normal for storing frozen food only, the company does not offer fresh food or fresh fruit storage services. It will provide frozen ready-to-eat products at a temperature of minus -20°C and cold storage service with a storage capacity of 890 tons.

Cold Storage Service

Cold storage service which provide temperature controlled to store products that controls the temperature everyday, 24 hours. We also have a security guard to take care of all the time with CCTV covering every shelf and has comprehensive international system standards. This ensures that your products will be well preserved absolutely.


System standard

Temperature control

Efficient product temperature control system

Security system

Security guards and CCTV cameras covering all areas.

Warehouse system

Use barcodes for location identification and store product

Fire protection

Smoke detector to prevent product damage

Standard Certificate


Thai Nippon Cold Storage Co., Ltd

1/21 Rojana Industrial Park Moo. 5 Kanham Village,U-Thai District,
Ayutthaya 13210

Mon. - Fri. 8.00 AM. - 17.00 PM.

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