Fried Egg Pan with Arabiki Sausage

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Fried Egg Pan with Arabiki Sausage

“Fried Egg Pan with Arabiki Sausage”🍳 Easy Cooking! for everyone with “Arabiki” Japanese style of Sausage NH Foods🥢🇯🇵 create a menu creatively for who likes to eat? Let’s get it!! with camping equipment from Logos Thailand with “Detachable Handle Skillet S” It’s easy to make only 5 minutes, and you’ll have ready-to-serve food for campers. everyone love this menu dish absolutely!!👍


  • Arabiki Sausage NH Foods (any flavor)

    1 pack

  • Spring onion sliced

    as need

  • Carrot sliced

    as need

  • Egg

    2 pcs.

  • Olive oil

    1 cup

  • Tomato ketchup

    1 cup

Cooking Instructions

  1. Start by preparing the raw materials. Tear off the NH Foods sausage packet, cut into small pieces as you like.
  2. then set the stove Wait for the pan to heat for a while. Add olive oil.
  3. Next step, crack 2 eggs, wait a while until the eggs start to cook. Bring the prepared ingredients into the pan.
  4. Wait for a while, about 5 minutes. Serve with a pan. Can be eaten with tomato sauce For perfect deliciousness!!

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