Creamy omelette and steamed rice with sausage

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Creamy omelette and steamed rice with sausage

One dish meal that is easy to make and delicious “NH Foods Omelette Rice with Sausage” Japanese style sausage by NH Foods, crispy skin, juicy meat, served with creamy omelet and hot steamed rice It’s a menu that goes perfectly together! It only takes a few minutes. Easy to eat by simple ingredients in every home kitchen that suitable for every meal and everyone in the family!


  • Sausage NH Foods (any flavors)

    1 pack

  • egg

    2 pcs.

  • milk

    1 cup

  • brown champignon mushrooms

    as needed

  • steamed rice

    1 cup

  • butter

    1 cube

  • dry parsley

    as needed

Cooking Instructions

  1. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl, then pour in the milk, NH Foods sausage and champignon mushrooms. Then stir the ingredients together.
  2. then put with pepper and a little salt into ingredient bowl
  3. Heat the pan until the pan is hot. Use a piece of butter to spread over the pan. Then put the prepared ingredients into the pan.
  4. Wait for a while until cooked. Then bring on to prepared steamed rice. Garnish the dish with dried parsley and serve.

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