NH Foods x ABC cooking Studio : 7th Anniversary “Hanabi Matsuri Event 2022”

26 September 2022
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On Saturday, September 24, 2022, Thai Nippon Foods Co., Ltd. participated in the 7th Anniversary event celebrating the 7th anniversary of “Hanabi Matsuri Event 2022” at ABC Cooking Studio, Centralworld branch, which is a cooking school in famous from Japan and has a branch in Thailand. In this activity, the company has brought new products! “Plant Based Sausage Honey flavor” participated in this activity for students members of ABC Cooking Studio have tried making a simple menu Easy Cooking in Thai food style with spicy yum salad made from plants with honey flavor that easy to cook and delicious taste that everyone likes. Plus, get healthy, healthy too!

From doing this activity, the company has received feedback for those who love. and care about health as well which make you know that the trend loves health and care for the sustainable environment people focus and very interested in the product “Plant Based Sausage : Plant-Based Sausage” that is blended with Thai herbs. Whether it’s “Honey Flavor”, “Fingerroot and Honey Flavor” and “Lemongrass and Honey Flavor”, we intend to be a new food product, another alternative for all health lovers!

The company would like to thankful with ABC Cooking Studio especially to invite NH Foods Thailand as well!