Nipponham will make a difference in health and environment by offering Plant Based products mid-July

5 July 2022
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Thai Nippon Foods Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nipponham, began selling plant-based sausages in mid-July. In the past about Coronavirus epidemic situation, this made the competition for food business in Thailand more intense. Thinking differently from other companies is about building a strong brand. Taking into account the environment and appealing to the growing number of health lovers in Thailand

Thailand’s plant-based food products market in 2019 was at 280 million baht (about 1,036 million yen) by 2024, it’s expected to expand by 450 million baht, with the number of vegetarians estimated to be around 2 million 3 hundred thousand. Person will add more Thailand’s largest food company, Charoen Pokphand Group (CPF, CP foods), has released its ground beef and sausage, Plant Based [Meat Zero] in May 2021. Plant Based sales in 2021 will be 200 million-250 million baht. Union (TU), the largest frozen seafood company, sells its own brand of plant-based food products [OMG] by setting a sales target of 1 billion baht, exporting to England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, etc.

Innovic (Asia), a biologic business under the PTT Group, has revealed a plan to build a paint base food factory. (plant products) Central Region, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province The plant products market will expand more. which Thai Nippon Foods is another company that cares about the environment and health. The first to promote differentiation is to sell plant-based products [Sausage, paint base], 1 bag of 4 pieces, priced at 55 baht.

「Mr. Hikaru Gotanda」 Managing Director of Thai Nippon Foods said, “We have strengthened our image as a leading company of the era.”

Thai Nippon Foods established a factory in Ayutthaya in 1989, producing frozen food, chicken, sausage, delivered to Japan and the Thai market. Started retail business for general consumers since 2014, but it’s still searching for a business direction in Thailand. One strategy that I want to reach the goal is “the delivery of value and popularity ​​for customers that other companies cannot provide. ”Nipponham in Japan, we have chosen soybean as our main raw material since 20 years. and develop [natural meat] plant based such as burgers, sausages, hams, and meatballs.

The spread of the new coronavirus in Thailand make consumers more aware of health In Thailand, the cause of death is 3 times as many as diabetes. Part of the problem is the need to adjust lifestyle habits.

President Hikaru Gotanda commented that “The impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic is increases the demand for delivery services. But on the other way, they tend to stay home and cook and eat by themselves.” We therefore offer recipes Vegetable Sausages with Salad is a recommended product .To be a brand that cares about health taste of sausage, we don’t just look at the love of Thai people, but we also care about health by adding flavor that is popular with Thai people like honey add with fingerroot and lemongrass. When eating 2 pieces, cholesterol is 0, but receive nutrients such as 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of dietary fiber, etc.

Not just “meat substitutes” Thai Nippon Foods : We do not produce products from plants only substitutes for meat, but we also stimulate consumer awareness of the environment. Plant products compared to the same amount as meat. The amount of water used is less. 99% less soil use 93% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions 90% energy consumption reduced 46% Package of “Plant Based Sausage” we switched to bioplastic and part of the sales will be donated to mangrove planting in Phetchaburi province.

Important measures to drive Thailand’s economy in related large businesses such as “BCG (Bio-Circular-Green)” Marketing Manager : Kano Nasuki prepares sales directions. “Plant Based Sausage” with “Buyer Appraisal Health and Environment” guidelines for distribution as a retail chain from the middle class.

Can be purchased at The Mall Group Retail Supermarket Gourmet Market 11 branches Supermarket selling health products Various online channels (EC) Company website( Consumer feedback on sausage products will affect the consideration of the development of Plant Based products in other.

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