Vietnamese Pizza with Arabiki Sausage

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Vietnamese Pizza with Arabiki Sausage

“Vietnamese Pizza with Arabiki Sausage” Vietnamese style food that everyone’s tastes like. It is a menu that is easy to make with the device.“Family Cooker Set” from Logos Thailand that easy to eat with Vietnamese flour sheets. Made with simple ingredients like eggs, cheese, etc., mix and match with Arabiki sausages which perfectly delicious to eat as a snack that everyone like this menu dish absolutely!


  • Arabiki Sausage NH Foods

    1 pack

  • Vietnamese Rice Paper

    1 pc / 1 serve

  • Egg

    1 pc.

  • Olive Oil

    1 small cup

  • Cheese (Cheddar cheese)

    as needed

  • Mayonnaise

    as needed

  • spring onion

    as needed

Cooking Instructions

  1. heat the pan Pour the olive oil into the pan.
  2. Place the Vietnamese Rice Paper on the pan. Then crack an egg into it. Beat all over the Vietnamese Rice Paper.
  3. Tear the pack of Arabiki sausage, then cut into small pieces and put it on the Vietnamese Rice Paper.
  4. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and top with mayonnaise as desired. Top with chopped spring onions as desired.
  5. Wait a few minutes, about 3-4 minutes. Use the handle to fold the dough together in half circles.
  6. Put it on a plate and serve deliciousness perfectly!

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