French Toast with Steamed Chicken Breast

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French Toast with Steamed Chicken Breast

Easy-to-eat menu that everyone is familiar with! French Toast with Steamed Chicken Breast by NH Foods. Anyone who likes sandwich bread will love it. In addition to being delicious also get complete nutrients as well! Steamed Chicken Breast that tender meat, low cal, high protein. French toast sandwich can add vegetables and topping with sauce. The taste is perfectly matched, easy to eat, convenient, which is perfect for rushing mornings for the good quality of life for everyone.


  • Steamed Chicken Breast NH Foods (any flavors)

    1 pack

  • egg

    2 pcs.

  • butter

    1 cube

  • cabbage

    as needed

  • French Toast

    2 pcs.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Tear the pack of Steamed chicken breast NH Foods (any flavor), then microwave for about 30 seconds.
  2. Crack the eggs into glass with cabbage. Then stir the ingredients together.
  3. Then place the cooking block on the hot pan. Put the butter cubes into the mold block.
  4. Pour the prepared ingredients onto the printed block. Wait for the ingredients to be cooked. Then pull out the printing block.
  5. The ingredients are cooked, and then place on French Toast followed by warm steamed chicken breasts prepared.
  6. Put another piece of bread together like a sandwich.
  7. Pour sauce seasoning as you like and serve deliciousness!

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