Thai Food Khao Pad American

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Thai Food Khao Pad American

Familiar favorite menu that everyone must have eaten with a simple menu like “Thai Food Khao Pad American” fried rice with tomato ketchup. Sweet and sour taste Sprinkle raisins as you like. It’s up to create menu. This flavor is sure to be liked by children. It’s suitable to be the main meal for everyone in the family!! with camping equipment, it feels like going camping from Logos Thailand with “LOGOS Color Mess Kit” Wherever you are, you can feel like camping. Feel good!!


  • Cooked rice

    1 cup

  • Sausage NH Foods (any flavors)

    1 pack

  • Tomato ketchup

    as need

  • carrot small sliced

    as need

  • Egg

    2 pcs.

  • Olive oil

    1 bottle

  • Parsley

    as need

  • Fried Chicken Karaage

    4-5 pcs.

  • raisin

    as need

Cooking Instructions

  1. Prepare the Sausage Frying First Start by turning on the gas stove, place a pan, add a moderate amount of olive oil. Wait a while until the pan is hot.
  2. Then tear off the NH Foods sausage and slit the sausage to cross shape put it in the pan, turn it over until cooked, put on a plate and set aside.
  3. The next step is to prepare the fried rice. Put the prepared steamed rice into the pan. Continue with ketchup as desired. Take small pieces of carrots. and prepared raisins put into it Stir well. set aside on a plate
  4. final step Prepare scrambled eggs by preheating a frying pan with a generous amount of olive oil. Then crack 2 eggs into the egg, slowly stirring to combine.
  5. Take the finished scrambled eggs. Place on the prepared fried rice. Sprinkle with parsley for a nice touch. Can eat with karaage fried chicken about 4-5 pieces for 1 serving. Eat with ketchup. Serving deliciousness!!

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