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Pork Hamburg Demi-glace sauce Curry rice

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Pork Hamburg Demi-glace sauce Curry rice

“Pork Hamburg Demi-glace sauce Curry rice” เHomemade menus are easy to make that everyone is familiar with. Just a few steps to do! with Japanese-style pork hamburger with delicious flavor with demi-glace sauce mixed with the spice aroma of rich curry It’s a menu that kids like and adults can eat as well. Will make it into a camping menu, it’s super cool. Take chic and chic photos with the cutest camping equipment from Logos Thailand and can click to view NH Foods product details for both finished products “Frozen pork hamburg with demi-glace sauce” and “Japanese style curry”


  • Frozen pork hamburg with demi-glace sauce NH Foods

    1 pack

  • Japanese style curry NH Foods

    1 pack

  • Japanese rice


  • Pasey

    as need

  • Black sesame

    as need

Cooking Instructions

  1. Let's start with making curry as the first step! Turn on the gas, set up a camping pan. Tear off the sachet of hamburger pork with demi-glace sauce. Bring warm to hot (You can put 1-2 pieces depending on your needs)
  2. Next step, tear the elbow packet of curry with carrots. and NH Foods Japanese-style potatoes. Pour into the Logos camping pan to warm up the curry.
  3. Prepare Japanese steamed rice, put it on a plate, place the warm hamburger on top of the steamed rice.
  4. Then take the warm curry. Pour over the side of Japanese steamed rice. Sort the potatoes and carrot slices as you like.
  5. Add color by sprinkling black sesame over Japanese steamed rice or sprinkle chopped parsley as you like. Ready to serve delicious menu!

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