End-of-year sports activities for 2023 Thai Nippon Foods “SHEEn and Q Day”

15 January 2024
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Last Friday, December 22, 2023, Thai Nippon Foods Company Limited organized the Thai Nippon Foods “SHEEn and Q Day” sports day activity, which was a year-end activity. The objective is for all employees to build relationships in various sports activities. Including coming up with creative ideas and it is a fun way to bid farewell to the year together for the cooperation in the past work throughout the year.

Within this sports day activity, there were 4 colors divided into pink, orange, blue and green within that activity. Everyone designed creative ideas for each color booth under the concept for the environment and sustainability. There is a parade of different colors. There is also an activity for employees to compete in submitting exercise dance clips. There are also various sports game activities such as tug-of-war, sending fun dough, where should we go, life-changing pictures, and hula hoops, where all employees cooperate together, there was good teamwork in this activity.

The company would like to thank all Thai Nippon Foods employees for their cooperation be united so that everyone has encouragement to continue working.