CSR activities to support the project “Elephant Food Planting Project in Forest Areas” in Kanchanaburi Province

30 May 2022
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The company has organized CSR activities with the government sector. Join the project to grow food for elephants in the forest area. Thai Nippon Foods Co., Ltd. would like to be a part of conservation of nature and growing plants as food for wild elephants so that the elephants have enough food and do not go out to find food outside the forest area. Therefore, a CSR activity is planned, “Elephant Food Planting Project in Forest Areas”. The objective is to join the reforestation project at Salakpra National Park. Kanchanaburi There is a total park area of ​​500,000 rai. There are 300-400 more wild elephants every year, so the park has an idea to provide opportunities for those who are interested in CSR activities, planting food crops for elephants in the forest area. To help elephants and provide fertile forest areas on Saturday, May 21, 2022, thanks to everyone who made this event success.