Tteokbokki cheese arabiki sausage

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Tteokbokki cheese arabiki sausage

Tteokbokki Cheese, a popular hot and spicy dish in Korean style. It’s menu that can be easily made at home with soft and chewy rice cakes likes chewing gum served with Korean gochujang sauce. It pairs perfectly with NH Foods Arabiki sausages, crispy skin and juicy meat. Guarantee that it’s delicious for sure! Suitable as an appetizer for the family. For those who like spicy taste must be satisfied absolutely! You can enjoy while watching the series, it’s also pretty good!


  • Arabiki Sausage by NH Foods (any flavor)

    1 pack

  • Mozzarella Cheese

    150 g.

  • Korean Rice Cake

    100 g.

  • Gochujang (Korean Sauce)

    3 tablespoons

  • Water

    150 ml.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Boil Arabiki Sausage in hot water for about 3 minutes
  2. Heat the pan. Pour the water, Korean rice cake and Gochujang sauce, then mix together
  3. After that, put mozzarella cheese into pan, and wait until the cheese is melted
  4. Place the reserved arabiki sausages. Arrange beautifully on a plate and serve

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