Snack box set

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Snack box set

Popular snack menu, it’s delicious to eat whenever and wherever. “Snack box set” French fries paired with Boneless chicken stick by NH Foods that crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, mellow taste. This menu is very easy to make. It is also one of the most popular snacks among Thai people. Where to party, you definitely won’t miss this menu!


  • Boneless chicken stick NH Foods

    1 pack

  • french fries

    100 g.

  • tomato ketchup

    as needed

  • oil

    1 cup

  • box set

    1 box

Cooking Instructions

  1. Put oil in pan Bring to a boil and wait until the vegetable oil is hot. Put the Boneless chicken stick NH Foods in a frying pan in oil at 170 degrees Celsius for 4 minutes until golden brown, drain and set aside.
  2. Then fry the french fries in oil at 200 - 220 degrees for about 4-5 minutes until golden brown. Scoop up and drain the oil and set aside.
  3. Put crispy boneless chicken and french fries in a snack box decorated with parsley. Then serve with tomato sauce.

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