Stir fried macaroni sausage

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Stir fried macaroni sausage

Kids will definitely love this dish!! “Stir Fried Macaroni with Sausage” NH Foods Japanese style sausage, crispy skin, juicy meat, full of bites, fragrant, colorful, mixed with tomato sauce. Sweet and sour taste for children’s taste and adults like this menu dish too! The cooking instruction of making it is very easy. There is no need to prepare anything difficult. It’s a perfect main meal for the whole family for sure!


  • Sausage NH Foods (any flavors)

    1 pack

  • Macaroni

    1 large cup

  • butter

    1 cube

  • diced tomatoes

    as needed

  • broccoli (for decoration)

    as needed

  • seasoning Sauce

    just the right amount

  • granulated sugar

    just the right amount

  • soy sauce

    just the right amount

  • tomato ketchup

    just the right amount

Cooking Instructions

  1. Tear the NH Foods sausage package, boil the water for 2 minutes, then put it aside on a plate.
  2. Put a pot of water to boil, add salt and a little oil. When boiling add macaroni to boil for about 10 minutes,
    then put it in cold water to soften the noodles, then scoop out and set aside.
  3. Put butter in pan Followed by the prepared NH Foods sausage, followed by macaroni.
    Diced tomatoes and season with soy sauce, seasoning sauce, sugar and ketchup, stir until combined.
  4. Then bring it onto a plate decorated with broccoli and serve.

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