Steamed Chicken Breast NH Foods

No one can refuse that Healthy Trend is coming! with the lifestyle of people nowadays turning to take care of health even more food that is suitable for health lovers. Must be here! Ready-to-eat Steamed chicken breast NH Foods. Tender, soft, mellow, delicious taste. Cooked by steaming process, so it has low calories, high protein. Can be applied to a variety of menus such as chicken breast salad, chicken breast quinoa, chicken breast salad, etc. It’s delicious absolutely!

NH Foods ready-to-eat steamed chicken breast  in 3 flavors: Original, Black Pepper and Chili and lime Flavor. Can be a light meal every day by tearing the package into the microwave for only 30 seconds or taking it out of the refrigerator, leave it for a while can be eaten who likes any type, which flavor, get it. Delicious, worth it, make every meal is useful for everyone!