History of Nipponham

March 1942

Established Tokushima Meat Processing Plant

December 1951

Capital 1.5 million yen, organization changed to Tokushima Ham Co., Ltd.

Established in 1955 as Tokushima Haikou Headquarters Factory
April 1960

Listed on Osaka Securities Market

October 1961

Listed on Tokyo Securities Market

August 1963

Merged with Torosei Ham Co., Ltd. and changed its name to "Nippon Ham Co., Ltd."

Combined printing
February 1966

"Winny" is available nationwide

March 1968

Jointly invested in a small Japanese broiler chicken company and started a farm business. In the same year, the head office moved to No. 6-14, 3-chome, Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City

Poultry houses of Nippon Broiler Co., Ltd.
March 1973

Established pro baseball team Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club

Signing ceremony for taking over baseball team
March 1977

Began overseas expansion with acquisition of Day-Lee Meats, Inc., of Los Angeles, USA (now Day-Lee Foods, Inc.).

April 1979

Fully entered the processed foods business with the establishment of Nipponham Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (now Nipponham Processed Foods Ltd.)

July 1981

Entered the marine foods processing business with acquisition of the Marine Foods Corporation.

March 1984

Entered freeze-dried foods business with establishment of Nippon Dry Foods Co., Ltd. (now successor company is Hoko Co., Ltd.)

February 1985

Release of "SCHAU ESSEN"

April 1986

Established Corporate Philosophies.

July 1988

Implemented an integrated system from production to marketing of fresh meats overseas with purchase of the Whyalla Feedlot (Australia).

July 1992

Entered the fermental milk and the lactic acid bacterial beverages business with acquisition of Kansai Luna, Inc. (now NIPPON LUNA, INC.).

December 1993

Participated in the establishment and operation of Osaka Football Club Co., Ltd.,(now Cerezo Osaka Co., Ltd.)

April 2003

Nipponham Group made a new start by launching the new medium-term management plan (Part I).

August 2003


January 2005

Established "Nipponham Group Brand"

April 2014

Changed the Nipponham Group Brand logo

April 2018

Unified Group Brand and Corporate Brand

ปี 2021

Established Vision 2030

Y. 2022

Schau Essen introduced in new eco-friendly packaging

Y. 2023