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Frozen pork chashu

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“Frozen pork chashu” Pork belly that has been marinated in a sauce until it gets into the meat and make pork tender mixed with special sauce make it taste delicious mellow, typical of Japanese food. Can be used to make variety menus such as eat with Japanese steamed rice. or eat with Ramen. Definitely for people who like Japanese food!

  • Weight / Piece

    25 g.

  • Shelf life

    365 Days

  • Storage


  • Preparation

    Boiling(with bag) in hot water for 5 mins.

  • Size of Packaging

    Net weight / pack : 500 g.(20 pcs.)
    Number of packs / Carton : 20 packs
    Net weight / Carton : 10 kg.


Deep fried

Air Fryer

Pan Fried

Ready Meal






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