We utilize the system for forest conservation promoted by the national and prefectural governments with local residents, employees and their families. We support conservation activities for the local natural environment by creating forests together.

Plant Based Sausage

Plant Based Sausage, good choice plant meat that made from 100%, blended with honey and specially selected herbs. It has both protein fiber and herbs with delicious taste, perfect balance, and the creation of a variety of delicious dishes. Suitable to be another option for health lovers.

Plant Based Sausage

Menu Recipes

Recommended menu for health lovers with 3 flavors of plant-based sausages, allowing healthy people to enjoy creating delicious, nutritious menus that create good health for everyone in the family

Herb & Healthy

Good Health with Herb


Honey has properties that help with energy and add freshness from the body that is exhausted. It also contains antioxidants that help slow down the deterioration of the body as well

Kra Chai

Kra Chai has properties that help fight colds symptoms, dyslipidemia and Flatulence. It also contains to reduce bacteria that inflammation in gastritis symptoms as well


Lemongrass has properties that help antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. Help about flu, Detoxifier and also help with emotional balance as well


We support environmental and social conservation activities and reforestation activities for 5 years to build forests. and conserve the natural environment A portion of the proceeds will be used for sustainable environmental development activities.