Plant Based Sausage NH Foods

Plant Based Sausage NH Foods, good choice selected for healthy lover with Plant Based Sausage that no meat 100%. Blended with honey and specially selected herbs, protein and fiber as well as herbal benefits, delicious taste, perfect balance and create a variety of delicious menus. Suitable to be another option for people who love health.

“What if” meat doesn’t have to come from animals? When eating can change the world, we using scientific research and technology, which retain delicious meat and useful. Our meat from plants still can give the taste, aroma and mouthfeel that you love.

We care and want to make the world environment better. Which inspired us to develop products made with product to differentiate according to the new product with the taste of Thai style. Our product is “A new way of eating” to provide new processed foods in daily life with Plant Based Sausages. We still enjoy eating food that is easy to cook and fast with product and also help to save our world by those who take care of their own health that our main target customer. You will know that plants have many benefits for the body and your environment.

We have researched and created 3 flavors under the concept of “Thai herbs” to show a “healthy” lifestyle in regards to our Plant Based Sausage products for health and the global environment. Which we select Thai herbs that Thai people are most popular to eat in their daily life, such as honey flavor, lemongrass and honey flavor, Fingerroot and honey flavor.

The most important thing for sustainable environmental development : we support the region’s natural environment conservation activities using forest conservation systems promoted by national governments and provincial level. We support activities to conserve the local natural environment by building forests together. We support environmental and social conservation activities in reforestation activities for 5 years to build forests and conserve the natural environment that part of the proceeds will be used for sustainable environmental development.

The packaging material we use is made of ECO plastic material as shown on the packaging. Nowadays, the use of environmentally friendly materials in Thailand is becoming popular. It is one of the global environmental stewardship movements to support SDGs, with a portion of the profits going towards donations that are in line with the global environment.!